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The ideal partner for the production of luxury yachts

Large shipyards can rely on Carbon Line for every stage of the manufacturing process.

Carbon Line improves the service

Carbon Line, which has always been synonymous of reliability, has invested in the setup of offices specifically dedicated to safety and quality to improve the service offered to its customers....

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The 100th ship produced

In June 2016, Carbon Line reached the ambitious goal of producing its 100th ship in its own shipyard....

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Azimut Benetti reaches an agreement with Carbon Line

The agreement reached between Azimut Benetti S.p.A. and Carbon Line S.r.l. regarding the future of the shipyard in Bellocchi, Fano includes the transfer of the company’s branch which was confirmed and detailed on July 21, 2016 to the trade union representatives....

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Carbon Line is based in Fano, a city that has always been known as one of the most important nautical districts. The company was founded in 2013 from the entrepreneurial vision of its two owners who, in a matter of a few years, gave life to a business that today is a leader in the manufacturing of yachts.

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Infusion process

Lamination of products by infusion process

Carbon Line is specialized in lamination by infusion process. This type of processing makes the boats more even, lighter, and more mechanically sturdy.

Post Curing and CNC

Cutting edge machinery

The Company's customers can rely on 2 numerical control units for the production of PVC kits, 1 numerical control unit for cutting shaped fabrics and 1 furnace sized 6x7x30 meters to complete the post curing process.

HSE and Quality Service

In-house offices dedicated to quality and safety.

Every stage of the production process is monitored and improved by specialized technicians and in this manner the company can deliver the finest finished products to its customers.

Carbon Line 3 facilities

Unit 1

Via Papiria, 63 - 61032 FANO (PU)
T (+39) 0721 1542160 | Email

Head Offices, Technical Offices, Purchase Office, HSE and Quality Service, Fiberglass processing.

Unit 2

Via Filippini, 9 - 61032 FANO (PU)
T (+39) 0721 1542160 | Email
Fiberglass and carpentry processing

Unit 3

Via De Nicola, 5 - 61032 FANO (PU)

T (+39) 0721 1542160 | Email
Fiberglass, Models and Moulds, 3 CNC machines, Warehouse, Technical office